We strive to make a positive impact on our local neighbourhoods and communities at origin.
As individuals we can make a change but together we can make an impact.

Fair Trade Coffee is Better for Communities

Fair Trade Premiums are reinvested in new equipment, education, health care and other projects that benefit the entire community.


Fair Prices

The coffee market can be volatile. Fair trade ensures producers are paid a fair price even when market prices drop.


Fair Working Conditions at Origin

Safe and secure working conditions for coffee farmers, free from discrimination, forced labour and child labour.


Fair Trade Premiums

Additional funds are paid on top of prices to producers to invest in business and community projects of their choice.

Fair For Life Offers A Holistic Framework

In addition to paying fair prices, Fair For Life also looks at supply chain relationships, environmental impact, the well-being of employees and more.


Develop Long-Term Partnerships

Long-term partnerships provide a reliable and consistent source of income for producers and farmers.


Environmental Responsibility

Organic means shade-grown coffee grown without chemicals - protecting local biodiversity such as birds.


Responsibility to Our Employees

Provide a safe and inclusive workplace at our cafe, roastery and head office where employees feel empowered.

$6.5 Million Paid in Organic Fair Trade Premiums

Premiums are used to fund community projects at origin.

Working Together to Create A Positive Impact

Supporting Women in Coffee

We recognize that coffee is a male-dominated industry, which is why we’re committed to providing equal opportunities for women both at home and at origin.

Women are well represented on our coffee roasting team - in roles that, in our industry, have often been held by men.

We’ve also partnered with Amprocal - a women-run coffee co-op in Honduras - to source some of our beans.

Reducing Waste and Helping Others

To encourage reusable cup use at our café on Salt Spring Island, there is an upcharge on single-use paper cups. A portion of the upcharge is donated to Harvest Food Programs.

Harvest Food Programs is a full circle of food security programs at Salt Spring Island Community Services that provides food to people in need on the island.

Providing Support Through Donations

We are committed to supporting our communities. That’s why we’ve created a donation policy called the CARE Fund.

The CARE Fund ensures that donations are allocated to initiatives that benefit our suppliers at origin, our local community and organizations that are important to our employees.