Committed to Sustainability

Organic Shade-Grown Coffee is Better for the Planet

We source 100% certified organic, shade-grown, fair trade, arabica coffee beans.

Promotes Forests

Coffee is grown in the shade of the forest canopy - as it would naturally - instead of in treeless fields.

Preserves Natural Biodiversity

Tropical birds, reptiles, insects and plant life call tree canopies home.

Prevents Erosion

Better soil quality removes the need for artificial fertilizers.

Protects the Ecosystem

Allows plants and animals to coexist as they would naturally, removing the need for herbicides and pesticides.

Burlap and Chaff Waste Diversion

As a coffee company, we accumulate a tonne of burlap sacks (used for transporting green coffee beans) and coffee chaff (a by-product of the roasting process). We give out burlap sacks and coffee chaff to several local farmers and hobbyists for free, which they can then use on the farm or for arts and crafts.

Let us know if you’d like to pick some up!

Young Agrarians

Young Agrarians (YA) began in 2012 to grow a new generation of ecological farmers through a farmer-to-farmer educational resource network.

Salt Spring Coffee provided Young Agrarians with the very first grant to kickstart programming and support people starting their journey into organic and regenerative farming.

Zero Waste by 2026

We currently participate in a Zero Waste Program which tracks our diversion from the landfill each week. Approximately 88% of our waste is diverted from the landfill. We’re working on a comprehensive plan to help us achieve our goal of being zero waste by 2026.

Coffee Bag Recycling Program

High barrier coffee bags are categorized as flexible plastic packaging and isn’t recyclable at most municipal recycling programs. That’s why we’ve launched our Coffee Bag Recycling Program. Return 10 empty coffee bags to us and you’ll receive a free 400g bag of coffee.

Click here for full details, terms and conditions.

Sustainability Sustainability

While organic agriculture helps to lessen the impact that farming has on the environment, regenerative organic agriculture goes even further by improving soil health, increasing carbon capture and helping return ecosystems to balance.

“Regenerative organic agriculture has the potential to transform not just the coffee industry, but the entire planet for the better.”

Mickey McLeod
Co-Founder & CEO

Biodynamic Farmer - Byron Corrales

One of our long time coffee partners, Byron Corrales has been using biodynamic farming methods for over 25 years. Byron’s holistic approach to farming is a form of regenerative organic agriculture that works with the ecosystem to restore the health of the environment.



From Fair Trade to our CARE Fund, our policies ensure our commitment to our global community.