Infinitely Good

Finally, convenience meets sustainability over an outstandingly good cup of coffee. Our single-serve coffee pods & their freshness wrappers are designed to break down in municipal composting systems where approved.

Blue Heron compostable coffee pods

Designed to Break Down

Our single-serve coffee pods are made with PURPOD100® technology. The chaff resin ring technology was collaboratively developed with the Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Our pods create healthy compost/soil with no toxicity or fluorinated chemicals. They are certified to break down in municipal commercial composting systems, and have been tested in facilities across Canada and United States.

This innovative alternative has had millions of dollars put into R&D to develop an alternative to single-use plastics within the convenience coffee market.

Four Best-Selling Roasts for Your Coffee Convenience

Your favourite brews, ready at the push of a button.

Blue Heron

Medium Dark Roast
Milk Chocolate, Nutty, Citrus

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French Roast

Dark Roast
Bold, Caramel, Dark Chocolate

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Medium Roast
Sweet, Citrus, Bright

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Dark Roast
Balanced, Cocoa Nibs, Toasty

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Meet the Pod

Our pods were made with PURPOD100® technology and consist of plant based, certified compostable materials.

  • Freshness Wrapper – Cellulose-based barrier film
  • Lid – Cellulose-based paper
  • Ring – Proprietary bio-resin, upcycled chaff ring
  • Coffee – 11.5g of Salt Spring Coffee per pod
  • Filter – Industrial cornstarch-based filter

Our pods are designed to break down in aerobic composting systems.

Graphic: Pod break down Graphic: Pod break down

Our Pod’s Certification

Our pods are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute. This not-for-profit association of individuals and groups from government, industry, and academia is a leading authority on compostable products and has North America’s leading compostable label program.

BPI educated manufacturers, legislators, and consumers about the importance of scientifically based standards for compostable materials which biodegrade in large composting facilities. It also promotes the use and recovery of compostable materials through municipal composting.

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