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Article: Your Coffee Taste Profile

Your Coffee Taste Profile

Your Coffee Taste Profile

Think about your perfect cup of coffee. Aside from light, medium or dark roasted, how would you describe it? If you could compare it to your favourite foods, what descriptors would you choose?

Drinking specialty coffee is a full sensory experience, one that enriches and expands your palate, not unlike drinking a fine wine or trying new artisan foods.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a reference guide to help you determine which of our Classic Coffees match your taste preferences.

The first thing is determining your preferred Intensity.

If you like:

  • a Cabernet Sauvignon wine
  • dark chocolate
  • grapefruit

Your intensity preference is Bold. Strong, caramelized, roasted, and bitter flavours are what you prefer. Try the smoky flavour of French Roast or Sumatra.

Or, if you instead lean towards:

  • a lighter Merlot wine
  • milk chocolate
  • kiwi

Your intensity preference is Vibrant. A combination of flavours is what you prefer. You enjoy character but prefer balance. Try Blue Heron, Metta Espresso, Canopy Bird.

Lastly, if you prefer:

  • a sweet Riesling wine
  • white chocolate
  • watermelon

`Your intensity preferences would fall into the Mellow category. You gravitate towards fruity and tart flavours, but only if they’re found in complete balance. Try Village Trade, Peru.

Intensity is one attribute you can use to identify your taste preferences in coffee, but another vital attribute is Flavour.

If you prefer:

  • jam on toast
  • grapes with cheese
  • a fruity dessert such as key lime pie

It’s safe to say that your palate prefers Fruity flavours, including citrus, berry and other sweet notes. Try Peru.

Or, if you prefer:

  • rich hazelnut butter on toast
  • crackers with cheese
  • a smooth dessert such as chocolate mousse

Your taste preferences fall into the Dark and Rich category. Chocolatey, nutty, earthy and woodsy notes are what you lean towards, and you prefer more intense flavours with a lasting finish. Try Sumatra and Canopy Bird.

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