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Coffee Rating
Body: 8 Acidity: 8 Flavour: 9
Tasting Notes
Balanced, Milk Chocolate, Deep
Organic, Fair to Farmer, IMO Fair for Life, Direct Trade
Sumatra, Latin America

Canopy Bird

Medium Dark




Think of a canopy bird and you picture a frail thing perched on a swaying branch, all legs, beak and long wings. But this coffee is heavy, with layers of dark, earthy tones. It blends beans from Latin America and Sumatra and that means a full body, a body that would snap that branch.

Its name is actually drawn from the close, interdependent relationship between canopy forests, migratory birds and coffee farming. Each year, these spindly birds return to the tropics from North America to nest in the canopies of tropical shade forests, right above where the arabica coffee plants grow. The migratory birds help to control the insect population while the canopy leaves fall and naturally fertilize the soil. The result is a tasty, slow-grown and shade-grown coffee bean that is full-to-bursting with flavour.


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