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In the Kitchen with Holiday Blend

• By Salt Spring Coffee

First frosts, darker evenings and the sweet smell of freshly baked welcome the early weeks of the holiday season. At Salt Spring Coffee we love to trade favourite recipes and the stories that go along with them.

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Brewing with Holiday Blend

• By Salt Spring Coffee

Gathering with co-workers, neighbours, family & friends to share a meal is our favourite part of the holiday season. It’s no surprise we love to start a holiday brunch, or finish a holiday dinner, with a delicious cup of coffee and we want to share that tradition with you.

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Mixing the Holidays

• By Salt Spring Coffee

We count down the days during the year until Holiday Blend lands in our cup and we sip it through the season. But it’s not the only holiday drink we celebrate with at Salt Spring Coffee. Here are a few holiday drinks that perfect way to warm the hands (and soul) and greet the season.

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If you’re passionate about sustainability, progressive business practices, and of course coffee – we’d love to hear from you next time we’re hiring.

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