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As green coffee beans are roasted, a number of chemical reactions take place inside each and every bean. Sugars are caramelized, acids are formed and oils and aromatics are released.

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Photo 2014-10-29

Women Focused Ugandan Coffee Co-Op Celebrated as Sustainability Pioneers

• By Salt Spring Coffee

The Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union, a women-centered coffee organization in Western Uganda, is being awarded the SCAA’s Sustainability Award for 2015. As a part of our Fair to Farmer program we are proud to buy coffee from coffee origin partners who are making a difference like the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union.

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Barista -Tsawwassen Cafe/Kiosk at the Tsawwassen Quay Market (BC Ferries Terminal) 

We are looking for experienced Baristas who are passionate about coffee, keen, quick, available any day of the week, and love to operate in a team environment.

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