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Cold brew cocktail hour

• By lisapratt • Coffee, Recipe Series

Summer is synonymous with free-and-easy evenings that stretch long into the night. Our cold brew cocktails are the perfect place to begin—caffeine-infused sippers with just enough kick to keep you going until the daylight dwindles. Here are a few pairings to get you started.

Salt Spring Coffee - Spiked Dirty Iced ChaiSPIKED DIRTY ICED CHAI

This creamy treat is sweet ‘n’ spicy, blending the heat of a classic chai latté with the chill of our Cold Brew and the thrill of Byron’s Organic Coffee Liqueur.

What’s in it?


 COLD BREW Gin & Tonic

Our Cold Brew is stirred with your favourite gin (we love Long Table London Dry) and topped with tonic water for a simple summer cocktail.

How to make it?

  • Fill cup with small ice cubes
  • Fill 4/5 full with Salt Spring Coffee Cold Brew
  • Then fill 1/5 Tonic water
  • 1 Jigger of Long Table London Dry Gin
  • Orange wedges (optional garnish)


Salt Spring Coffee - Cold Brew MuleCOLD BREW MULE

In our Cold Brew Mule, the defining characteristics of a Kentucky Mule—bourbon, ginger and mint—meet our Cold Brew for a refreshing drink that packs some serious punch.

How to make it?

  • Fill cup with small ice cubes
  • 4 oz Salt Spring Coffee Cold Brew
  • 1 jigger of Bulleit Bourbon
  • 20 ml of mint syrup
  • 20 ml of ginger vanilla syrup
  • Fresh mint (optional garnish)

What next?

Have a restaurant or cafe? Learn how to make cold brew in bigger batches.


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