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Article: The Local Churn @ Kits Market

The Local Churn @ Kits Market

The Local Churn @ Kits Market

 Did you know that Vancouver has eight weekly farmers’ markets: six in the summer and two in the winter? This fall, we’ve teamed up with Vancouver Farmers Markets to host an Edible Scavenger Hunt in honour of our farmers and food producers.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting interesting vendors at neighbourhood markets around the city who can help you check off an item on your list (and maybe even win a prize)!

Fast facts about the Kitsilano Farmers Market

Photo credit: @staylocalbc on Instagram

Established: 2007
Where: 2690 Larch Street (Kitsilano Community Centre)
When: Sundays, 10AM–2PM
Weekly attendance: 3,000 people
No. of vendors: 155 per season, 55 each week
Claims to fame: (1) A water park, face painting and balloon artists for kids; (2) lots of food trucks (usually four, plus one for coffee); (3) shady seating for relaxing, eating and listening to market musicians

Meet Bonnie Todd from The Local Churn

Available at the Kitsilano, Main Street and Mount Pleasant farmers markets, The Local Churn’s butters blend seasonal ingredients with mouth-watering local dairy. Stop by for a taste!

Q. Tell us a little bit about The Local Churn.

I bought this company in September 2014 from a local lady who started it in 2012. At the time, I was working at a restaurant that made its own butter and became curious about the process. Since then, I’ve changed the recipes and made it my own.

Today, I sell a savoury trio box (in shops and at markets) and create monthly flavours (one sweet and one savoury). I also have fresh unsalted butter and buttermilk biscuits made with my butter and leftover buttermilk (they’re becoming a cult favourite and sell out pretty quickly).

Q. Where do you source your dairy and other ingredients?

I source hormone-free and antibiotic-free cream from various Lower Mainland farmers and try to use local ingredients as much as possible. I get bacon (for my Parmesan Bacon Butter) from Urban Digs Farm and often pick up herbs and other ingredients from markets for my monthly flavours. I don’t add any stabilizers or preservatives, so the butter is truly fresh. With that does come a shorter shelf life (one month in the fridge, longer in the freezer).

Q. What made you want to be part of the Vancouver Farmers Market?

I like the idea of buying food from farmers or business owners. It’s a great way to buy local and meet the people that are making your food. I love the relationships I have formed with regulars at the market and it’s always nice to get immediate feedback. I have a pretty unique product, so it’s always interesting to talk to people about butter—and really just food in general.

Q. What kinds of butter will you be selling over the coming weeks?

Fall is my favourite time of year—there’s so much good food in season. My two flavours of the month for September will be:

  • Dill, Parsley & Mint: This fresh herb butter is perfect on fall vegetables (e.g., roasted carrots, squashes, beets) and seafood (hello baked salmon!)
  • Peach, Maple & Cinnamon: I aim to use what’s in season, so I thought a sweet peach butter would be amazing. Try it on a biscuit at teatime, on pancakes in the morning, or in a delicious shortbread cookie.

Q. What’s your favourite butter and your favourite way to use it?

I can’t choose, but one of my most popular savoury butters is the Peppercorn Brandy Butter. It’s wonderful on steak or smothered on potatoes, or for sautéing mushrooms and onions. I have also been using it on corn on the cob for a peppery flavour.

Q. What’s one fun fact about butter making that most people wouldn’t know?

That you need to “wash” the butter with cold water. It’s basically like kneading bread, but in cold water. The purpose is to wash out any buttermilk that’s left. If you don’t wash the butter, it will sour quickly.

What next?

Visit The Local Churn at the next Kitsilano Farmers Market and check another item off your Edible Scavenger Hunt card.

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