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Article: Brewing with Holiday Blend

Brewing with Holiday Blend

Brewing with Holiday Blend

 “A single cup of coffee can create a friendship that lasts for 40 years”. – Turkish Proverb 

Gathering with co-workers, neighbours, family & friends to share a meal is our favourite part of the holiday season. From preparing traditional dishes with organic, local ingredients, to sharing stories and jokes around a table, meals make memories that live well past December. It’s no surprise we love to start a holiday brunch, or finish a holiday dinner, with a delicious cup of coffee and we want to share that tradition with you.

To share the warmth of a perfect cup of coffee every time break out your French Press (our favourite is a 4 cup press), grinder (we are smitten with hand grinders) and follow these easy steps.

Step 1
Pick up a fresh bag of Holiday Blend. Visit our cafes, order online or pick up a bag at your closet Buy Low, Nesters, IGA, Meinharts, Askew, Super Valu or Country Grocer on Salt Spring Island.

Step 2
Boil 16oz. of fresh, filtered water and let it stand while you grind your Holiday Blend . The ideal brewing temperature range is 92 – 96ºC (195 – 205ºF).

Step 3
Grind 28g of coffee, medium coarse.

Step 4
Place grounds in french press and top with a small splash of the boiling water. Let grinds “bloom” for thirty seconds, then pour the remaining water.

Step 5
Stir and steep for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Step 6
Plunge, serve in your favourite holiday mug, pair with a smile and enjoy!

Bonus: Download instructions here to paste to your fridge.

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