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Fair to Farmer Direct I Delivering chippers to Nicaragua

Healthy, fertile soil, we know, is the mainstay for any organic coffee farmer; ours, on the other hand, is the relationships that we keep with our partner co-ops and farmers...

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Giving Buying Power Back to the Women of Soppexcca Co-op.

Far from the fields and coffee farms, the women of Soppexcca cooperative work long, hard hours sorting coffee beans at the mill. Most walk the road to work, which leaves...

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Road Notes I Nicaragua

Every single time we touch down in Nicaragua our appreciation and enjoyment of coffee and the craft is grows deeper, and it's not hard to see why. Here, they depend...

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The Salt Spring Coffee Story.

Mickey McLeod and Robbyn Scott tell the Salt Spring Coffee story. How two dreamers met, found a passion for doing better, and created a coffee company.

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Fair to Farmer Direct Explained

Our commitment goes beyond buying coffee. Salt Spring Coffee is our way of keeping the fair trade movement, well... moving. In 2006 we made the decision to move beyond the...

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