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Fair to Farmer

Our co-founders started out as an organic farmers and we have put being fair to farmers at the core of our business. Today our Fair to Farmer program creates direct partnerships with the coffee producers who grow our beans, including funding innovative new projects at home and around the world through our 1% for the Planet donations.

Fairtrade certifiedFair for Life

We have been using the Fair for Life certification since 2012. Ecocert is the certification body that ensures that human rights are guaranteed at every stage of sustainable production, that workers enjoy good and equitable working conditions, and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share.

Direct Trade

Direct trade means that members of our team visit farmers around the world and work with them to make improvements to their operations and in their communities. These personal relationships count. Since 2009, we have worked with Byron Corrales in Nicaragua and have experienced first-hand the incredible work he has done in his community and on his farm.


#fairtofarmer 1% for the Planet Projects

Every time you buy a bag of Salt Spring Coffee, we put part of that purchase price into sustainable and inclusive projects and organizations. These innovative projects make a difference in our backyard as we partner with fellow Canadian pioneers, and in the communities where our beans are grown around the world. Find out more.

#fairtofarmer | Coffee Origin

Solar Panels in Nicaragua

Salt Spring Coffee is working with EOS International to provide affordable solar energy with a low environmental impact to power essentials on farms in Nicaragua. Find

Cupping Lab Bukonzo Joint, Uganda with Twin Trading

Uganda’s Bukonzo Joint Co-operative Union has 5,200 farmer members — and 85 per cent of them are women. We are helping this gender justice pioneer connect its farmers to the great tasting coffee they produce.

#fairtofarmer | at home

Sole Foods 

This Vancouver social enterprise creates training and employment opportunities for people living with the challenges of mental illness and addiction — and produces over 20 tonnes of artisan fruits and vegetables each year.

Vancouver Farmers Markets

Year-round Farmers Markets in neighbourhoods throughout Vancouver connect residents and consumers with fresh produce and locally sourced products.

Richmond Sharing Farm

It produces much-needed fruits and vegetables for vulnerable communities — and provides educational and therapeutic opportunities for budding urban farmers along the way.

Young Agrarians

Young Agrarians is a community-building project that takes an old idea — sharing farming expertise and knowledge — and offers it online and at very tasty events.

Farm Folk City Folk

This non-profit society protects foodlands, supports small-scale farmers and producers, and celebrates local food at its annual Feast of Fields harvest events.

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