Coffee Is Social™

Mickey McLeod

Co-founder, President and CEO

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Robbyn Scott


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Vivian Chi

Director of Finance

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Hayden Thomson

Sales Manager

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Lisa Pratt

Marketing Manager

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Stamatis Papadopolos

Coffee Quality Manager

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Verona McArdle

Quality Assurance Coordinator

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Jessie Gullett

Production Roaster/ Beverage Specialist | SCAA Certified Barista

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Abu Salleh

Production Manager

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Sarah Porco

Production Supervisor

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Charlotte Jasmins

Payroll, Benefits & HR Admin

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We’re hiring great people

Production Line Worker / Production Roaster 

Passionate about coffee with an excellent palate and some roasting experience, you are well-organized, know that the devil is in the details, have professional computer skills, and are committed to continuous learning and a career in coffee.

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