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We started in 1996 on Salt Spring Island. A family of pioneering entrepreneurs and a roasting café. Cultivating partnerships with farmers. Putting people and the planet first. Selecting and roasting beans that are on the leading edge of great taste so you can brew world-changing cups of coffee.

Our Classic Coffees

Metta Espresso | Blended Purchase Product »
Smooth caramel meets dark chocolate flavour, and the perfect hint of berry at its finish.

Sumatra | Single Origin, Dark Roast Purchase Product »
Old-school with its full body and hints of smoky-earthy-syrupy flavours.

French Roast | Blended, Darkest Roast Purchase Product »
Bittersweet and smoky flavours, notes that cut through cream and sugar, but also less caffeine and lower acidity.

Blue Heron | Blended, Medium Dark Purchase Product »
Rich, full body from Sumatra, chocolate, spices and a bright snap from Latin America.

Village Trade | Blended, Medium Dark Purchase Product »
A smooth blend of beans from Latin America with sweet almond and walnut flavours.

Canopy Bird | Medium Dark Purchase Product »
Blending beans from Latin America and Sumatra, a full-bodied yet balanced coffee with layers of milk chocolate and dark earthy tones.

Peru | Medium Dark Purchase Product »
Look for apricot and sweet citrus flavours in this coffee sourced from Charca D’Dago biodynamic farm. Makes a great iced coffee.

Our In-Season Coffees

An island sunset as the clouds part. The mountains, the treetops, the buildings that glow in the distance. On the coast timing really is everything and right now for our in-season coffee, the timing is perfect. Through our Fair to Farmer Program we work with growers and co-ops year round to uncover what’s new and special. Then we roast and sell the best beans, only available for a very limited time, so brew with care. Experience coffee at the peak of its powers. Purchase Product »

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