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For us it took a little bit of early naivety mixed with a healthy dose of youthful optimism and a whole lot of love.

When Robbyn and I first moved to Mansell Farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia in the early 1980s, we knew we did not want to use pesticides or artificial fertilizers on our farm. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

We started with a large market garden and had a greenhouse, then we opened a small farm stand along our road; next thing we knew, we were selling our locally-grown, organic goods at the farmers market on Salt Spring Island.


It’s definitely Robbyn that gets to take the credit. She grew up in California and brought with her a bit of urban savvy combined with a thirst for the freshly roasted good stuff.

In the 1970s we spent a lot of time together at Caffe Trieste in San Francisco drinking their classic Italian coffee and before we knew it we were roasting and grinding organic coffee beans back on Salt Spring, brewing them on the homestead’s old woodstove.


Robbyn, my brother Ross and I opened the doors to our first roasting café on Salt Spring Island in 1996. Turns out there was a sizable demand for freshly-roasted, organic coffee on the Island and after three days of crushing line-ups, we had to close for five days simply to regroup and catch our breath. Between coffee roasting and mopping the floors, we rarely got more than a few hours of sleep in those early days.

Of course, we’ve seen plenty of changes since 1996 and grown a great deal. We’re certified organic, fair to farmer, B Corp best for the world and an 1% for the Planet member  – plus Robbyn, Ross and I get alot more sleep.

Only we’re still about what we have always been about – great coffee that doesn’t compromise the earth.

Mickey McLeod, Co-founder, President and CEO

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