Coffee Is Social™

Mickey and Robbyn Salt Spring Coffee

We put everything we have into doing things the right way.

We started in 1996 on Salt Spring Island. A family of pioneering entrepreneurs and a roasting café. Cultivating partnerships with farmers. Putting people and the planet first. Selecting and roasting beans that are on the leading edge of great taste so you can brew world-changing cups of coffee.


> We roast to inspire change
> We  believe in being better


> To be the leading edge of coffee in quality, sustainability, pioneering, and origin. Founded in people and the community


> We know our roots – seed to cup
> We embrace sustainability
> We recognize everyone as a customer
> We are responsive
> We take initiative
> We show compassion and honesty
> We acknowledge and show appreciation

We’re hiring great people

Production Line Worker / Production Roaster 

Passionate about coffee with an excellent palate and some roasting experience, you are well-organized, know that the devil is in the details, have professional computer skills, and are committed to continuous learning and a career in coffee.

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