Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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An easy way to make your own cold brew at home. 

What is cold brew coffee?

What makes cold brew different than iced coffee is the temperature of the water used during the brewing process. While iced coffee is brewed with hot water (like regular coffee) and then cooled over ice, true cold brew coffee is brewed with room-temperature or even cold water.

Brewing coffee with cold water prevents the grounds from being oxidized by heat and allows the full flavour to be extracted from the coarsely ground coffee beans. The result is a rich, smooth and naturally sweet refreshing beverage!


  • Fill up the mesh section of the filter with approx 110 grams (7 tbsp) coarsely ground coffee (slightly finer than a French Press)
  • Pour in 1L of cold filtered water
  • Let it steep for at least 12 hours and no more than 16 hours
  • Remove the filter basket and pour the cold brew into your favourite cup filled with ice or some cold filtered water (the amount depends on how strong you like your coffee)

After brewing store it in the fridge—it can last up to a week.

Product Details: 

  • 1000 ml / 33oz makes 8 cups of coffee
  • premium glass 
  • removable filter bottom for easy cleaning

Suggested coffee to pair it with: Peru