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Organic & Fair Trade

Peru, Ground

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Medium Roast


Sweet, Citrus, Bright

Peru is our lightest roast coffee, making it a natural starting point to begin exploring our classic coffee line-up. If you’re accustomed to bold, dark coffees like our Sumatra or French Roast, this light-bodied brew will take your taste buds to new places.

Just like the name says, these organic and fair trade coffee beans come exclusively from Peru. Achieving the perfect medium-roast coffee is a real balancing act. You want to roast long enough to bring out the best in the beans and highlight the characteristics you want, without veering into dark-roast territory.

The result? Expect a sweet, nutty ground coffee with bright citrus and floral notes. This medium roast is equally delicious brewed hot or as a cold brew at home.


Peru, single origin.

Peru, Ground
Peru, Ground Sale price$12.95

Nature tastes (a lot) better

What makes regenerative organic better?

The easiest way to describe regenerative organic coffee is that it's the opposite of industrialized, mono-crop coffee.

Regenerative organic farmers have generational expertise growing coffee plants in symbiosis with native rainforests and ecosystems. The crops are smaller, the soil is richer, and the plants are healthier. The sun, the rain, and natural compost are all that are required to bring the coffee berries to a bright fruit. Only the ripest berries are picked, at the peak of freshness, and sundried naturally in the oxygen-rich rainforest air.

When roasted to perfection, the result is a uniquely rich, smooth, truly rewarding cup of coffee.

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Change the world for the better

We want our communities to flourish from crop to cup. That's why we support long-term direct trade partnerships, and work with the same coffee farmers year after year.

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