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Summer Solstice Potluck, Hosted by The Sharing Farm Society

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As part of our membership in 1% for the Planet this year, Salt Spring Coffee is donating $15,000 to The Sharing Farm Society in Richmond. To celebrate, The Sharing Farm Society will also be hosting a Summer Solstice Potluck this Thursday, June 20, at Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond.

The Summer Solstice Potluck is an all ages event, and everyone is welcome. Volunteers, community members, and any Friend of the Farm is invited to bring a food creation of their choice and join us as we present The Sharing Farm with their donation. The potluck will also include garlic themed food creations by Nader Hatami of Steveston Pizza, cooked in the Farm’s outdoor cob oven.


More about The Sharing Society: for over a decade, they’ve been growing organic produce year-round, for Richmond families in need. They’ve donated well over 200,000 pounds of food in that time, but this year there were setbacks.

The funds cover the purchase of a tractor and produce cooler, tools that help the farmers navigate the particularly wet, heavy condition of the soil, helping to bring more food to families in need.


Partnering with The Sharing Society is a move that is very aligned with our mission and values. Our co-founders Mickey and Robbyn started out with their own sustainable organic market garden on Mansell Farm, so it’s something that’s very dear, both to them and to the rest of the team at Salt Spring Coffee. Mickey goes on to explain that “We [Salt Spring Coffee] wants to be active, responsible members of our community, which is why we’re committed to 1% For the Planet and giving to environmental based non-profit organizations. The Sharing Farm is an opportunity to act on these values, and our staff have shown lots of enthusiasm in volunteering.”  Volunteers are essential to bringing the Sharing Farm and the community closer together and to building the skillset of sustainable farmers for future generations. 

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