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Fair to Farmer

Fair to Farmer

Over the years, as we have learned the ins and outs of the global coffee business, we have taken part in fair-trade certification programs started by others. We have also pioneered our own approaches under a variety of titles and names. But throughout the lifespan of this company, being fair to farmers has been the centrepiece of everything we do.

Today we have one program that combines our social initiatives in direct partnership with the coffee producers who supply our beans. It is called Fair to Farmer. All of the coffee in our Fair to Farmer program comes from one of two sources: certified IMO/Fair for Life certified and direct trade.


The Institute for Marketecology, or IMO, conducts rigorous audits as part of its Fair for Life certification. Fair for Life combines strict social and fair trade-standards with adaptability to local conditions. It ensures that human rights are guaranteed at every stage of production, that workers enjoy good and equitable working conditions, and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share. Fair trade improves the livelihood of thousands of farmers and workers by providing the means for community improvement projects.


Direct trade has always been an important part of the Fair to Farmer program. Members of our coffee team personally visit farmers and coops at coffee origin and  we work with them to make improvements to their operations and in their communities.

We have several partners that are both certified by IMO and that we have direct trade relationships with. We currently only have one direct trade coffee farmer that is certified organic but not certified by IMO – Finca Los Pinos, Byron Corrales (Byron), in Nicaragua. Including Byron into our Fair to Farmer program was important to us: we have purchased coffee from Byron since 2009 and we have experienced first hand the incredible work he has done in his community and on his farm.



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