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Stamatis Papadopolos

Coffee Quality Manager

Why coffee?

Coffee is a such a dynamic product to work with. There seems to be an endless number of variables to control in all stages of production. From the farmer’s field to your cup, it’s our job to crack to code and unlock the best possible flavours. It’s a true art unlike an other and I love being a part of the process.

If you were a blend, where would your beans come from? And what would the mix be?

I would be a blend of wild Ethiopian forest coffees.

What is the strangest thing you have ever written on a cupping sheet?

Red Jolly Rancher candy!

The one tip you would give a new coffee drinker is…

Try new and different brew methods and ratios, never settle. There’s always new and exciting flavours to discover.

On your dream coffee trip, you would go to _________ and drink a cup of ________ while having a conversation with _________.

I would go to Greece and share a Turkish coffee while have a conversation with my Grandma.

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Production Line Worker / Production Roaster 

Passionate about coffee with an excellent palate and some roasting experience, you are well-organized, know that the devil is in the details, have professional computer skills, and are committed to continuous learning and a career in coffee.

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