Coffee Is Social™

Robbyn Scott


Why coffee?

Coffee feels like a longtime friend. We have shared many experiences and joyful times over the years. Coffee has broadened my world, and brightens my day.

If you were a blend, where would your beans come from? And what would the mix be?

I would be 1/3 Sumatra, 1/3 Ethiopia, balanced with 1/3 of the passion of a Latin American varietal.

What is the strangest thing you have ever written on a cupping sheet?

Aunt Ruth’s doilies.

The one tip you would give a new coffee drinker is…

I would ask a question: “What do you taste?”

On your dream coffee trip, you would go to _________ and drink a cup of ________ while having a conversation with _________.

I would go to La Chacra D’Dago in the Villa Rica District of Peru to cup biodynamic coffee with Dagoberto.


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