Coffee Is Social™

Mickey McLeod

Co-founder, President and CEO

Why coffee?

It started back in 1973 when Robbyn took me back to her homeland of San Francisco, California. We would hang out in Little Italy coffee bars like Cafe Treista. This is where we developed our appetite for the freshly-roasted good stuff.

If you were a blend, where would your beans come from? And what would the mix be?

Sumatra, for sure. It’s one the coffees that Robbyn and I enjoyed back in the day, only this time in Ashland, Oregon. From there, add naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia and biodynamic coffee from Finca Marin in Peru.

What is the strangest thing you have ever written on a cupping sheet?

Wet cardboard.

The one tip you would give a new coffee drinker is…

Try it black, and turn off any preconceived ideas of what you ‘think’ it should taste like. Let your taste buds and imagination run free.  There is a lot of different coffee out there.

On your dream coffee trip, you would go to _________ and drink a cup of ________ while having a conversation with _________.

On my dream  trip I would go to La Chacra D’Dago in the Villa Rica District of Peru and have a cup of Dagoberto’s biodynamic coffee. The coffee is outstanding, and the conversation is crazy.

His father started the coffee farm in the 1940s. Today Dagobeto shares the farm with his two brothers who grow different forms of certified organic coffee. Dagoberto first started with conventional coffee, then transitioned to certified organic farming and is now Demeter Certified biodynamic®.

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