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How to brew the perfect pour-over coffee

Easy instructions so that you brew it right, every time.

Step 1
Boil 395g of fresh, filtered water and let it stand while you grind your beans. The ideal brewing temperature range is 92 – 96ºC.

Step 2
Use 24g of coffee. Grind medium-fine.

Step 3
Place filter in dripper and rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Step 4
Dump rinse water and add grounds to filter.

Step 5
Start the timer. Soak grounds just until saturated. Wait 30 seconds.

Step 6
Begin a steady and consistent pour. Entire length of pour and extraction is 1.5 minutes.

Step 7
Allow the brew to filter through. Swirl and enjoy!

Download instructions here. Stick to fridge. Enjoy daily.

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