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Auto Drip

How to brew the perfect auto drip coffee

  1. Place filter in brewing basket.
  2. Weigh 20 g (approximately 4 level tbsp) of coffee
  3. Medium-Fine grind (similar to table salt)
  4. Add ground coffee to brew basket and shake until level
  5. Fill the water reservoir with 355 g (1.5 cups) filtered water.
  6. Press the button to begin brew cycle.
  7. Once brewing is done—compost the coffee grinds  and filter. Enjoy!

Pro-tip: The measurements on the side of the coffee carafe typically refer to the average coffee “cup”, not a standard 8 fl oz (237g) measuring cup. Use a measuring cup when preparing your auto drip coffee.

**This is a standard, feel free to adjust the coffee to water ratio to taste.**


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