Who is Byron?

Practicing biodynamic farming methods, Byron believes that everything on his farm has a purpose and role in the coffee production cycle – from the plants that are grown to feed the 14 cows on his farm, to the bees and other insects that help pollinate the coffee trees.

It starts with a life-giving plant. A patient hand and appreciation for forces in nature.

Byron Corrales and his family have been producing coffee in Nicaragua since 1981. A few years later, they moved to the mountains of Jinotega to establish a new coffee farm in the midst of a luscious natural reserve, El Arenal.

Over the years, we’ve maintained a close relationship with Byron and his family, and continue to be inspired by his patience, care and dedication to coffee quality.

Byron has used biodynamic farming methods for over 25 years, and we respect the sustainability and holism of those practices. The result is a consistently high-quality coffee—some of the best in the world.


Byron’s Maracaturra is available in “washed” and “natural”—two different processing methods that result in two different flavour profiles from the very same beans. Taste them side-by-side to see.

Byron’s Coffee Liqueur

A special collaboration with Pemberton Distillery, Byron’s Coffee Liqueur is an all-organic blend of Byron’s cold brew coffee, Pemberton spirits, Cariboo wildflower honey and spice. Find it in Legacy Liquor Stores and Pemberton Distillery’s online store.

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